The Genome Innovation Hub (GIH) is a University of Queensland initiative and part of UQ Research Infrastructure. Its aim is to develop innovative approaches to advance technologies in structural and functional analysis of genomes at the University of Queensland (UQ).

GIH acts as a collaborative research centre, providing support for all UQ researchers to gain access to genomics expertise and enhance its core capabilities. GIH works directly with UQ clinicians and scientists on projects of novel and promising methodologies which are focussed on the key areas of health, agriculture and the environment.  

Once  implemented  by  GIH, these technologies (methods, protocols, software, expertise, etc.) will be made available through UQ Research Infrastructure Services, other UQ Service Providers, or through research groups willing to collaborate and/or train research staff in the newly developed approaches.


UQ Genomics research

UQ has a wealth of genomic expertise in a wide range of disiplines, across multiple Institutes, Centers, and Faculties. This expertise is supported by significant local infrastructure including core genomic facilities, high performance computing and software tools, microscopy and advanced imaging, robotics and high through-put screening, animal models, genome editing, metabolomics, proteomics, nanotechnology and drug discovery. This is further enhanced by UQ’s unique relationships with major private and public teaching hospitals in Brisbane and by national and international genomics partnerships accross academic, government and industrial sectors.

GIH expertise in functional genomics

Collectively, the GIH management group, its collaborators and partners provide a wide-range of knowledge in genomic analysis and its related applications. The in-house team of research scientists provide expertise in both traditional “wet” laboratory techniques and “dry” bioinformatics analysis methods for genomic research in a range of organisms. It is this collective experience that places GIH in a strong position to develop innovative genomic capabilities at UQ.

Key areas of experience include:

  • Single-cell sequencing and library preparation
  • Long read sequencing 
  • Protein engineering and purification
  • Genome editing and manipulation
  • Spatial transcriptomics and advanced imaging
  • Bioinformatic assembly of complex genomes
  • Transcriptomics
  • High throughput genetic screening platforms
  • Computational tool development for analysis of genomic and transcriptomic data
  • DNA and RNA extraction from difficult sources
  • Microfluidic partitioning and barcoding for single-cell analysis

External Collaborative Projects

In 2018, GIH began engaging in external collaborative  projects  in  partnership  with  research  groups across UQ to develop genomic-based cutting-edge technology breakthroughs (methods and  pipelines). 

Collaborating research groups work closely with GIH in the design and development of projects as well as actively contributing to projects, including co-investment in funding and personnel expertise. 

Projects are prioritized on the basis of novelty and transformative impact in advancing genomic applications and/or those that significantly drive down the costs of these applications. 

For further information on applying for a GIH External Project, please see the external project call page.

Research infrastructure, facilities and initiatives

GIH actively promotes utilisation of many of UQs infrastructure and Facilities through our collaborative research.

Follow the link below to find out more about other UQ research infrastructure facilities and initiatives.