This page contains a selection of protocols and SOPs developed or refined as part of GIH collaborative projects. Please feel free to use, share and modify in any way that benefits your work. However, please be aware that we no longer have expert staff able to support these methods, and some documents may be incomplete or outdated.

In-house nucleic acid extractions

GIH_SOP204-02 - HMW Total DNA extraction from non-model species (DOCX, 4.4 MB)

SOP205-01 HMW DNA Extraction from coral fragment for long read sequencing (DOCX, 177.9 KB)

SOP206-01 Inhouse method for total RNA extraction (DOCX, 227.8 KB)

Protein purification

SOP101-01 Cas9 protein expression, purification and activity test (DOCX, 1.5 MB)

SOP102-01 Tn5 expression, purification and activity test (DOCX, 9.2 MB)

SOP104-01 spCas9-SNAP expression, purification and validation (DOCX, 9.7 MB)

Gene editing

SOP105 CRISPR knockout in mammalian cells using RNP approach (DOCX, 733.1 KB)

GIH_SOP104_02 Precise genome editing using Cas9 fusion protein in mammalian cells (DOCX, 3.4 MB)

Lentiviral sgRNA construct design and cloning for single cell Perturb-seq (DOCX, 112.5 KB)

Sequencing library preparation

SOP TimeLapse-seq for temporal RNA expression data (DOCX, 763.2 KB)

SOP Quartz-seq2 - plate-based single cell sequencing (DOCX, 55.2 KB)

GIH_SOP006-02 in-house CAGE sequencing (DOCX, 408.2 KB)

SOP In-silico probe design for Cas9 targeted sequencing (DOCX, 1.4 MB)


Optimisation of ddPCR analysis using EvaGreen (DOCX, 1.4 MB)

SOP007-01 Optimisation of ddPCR analysis using probes (DOCX, 344.3 KB)

SOP008-01 ddPCR analysis using probes (DOCX, 318.3 KB)


SOP009-01 RNAscope HiPlex assay with fresh frozen tissue (DOCX, 1.2 MB)

GIH_SOP010-01 RNASCOPE HIPLEX V2 Standard Assay with FFPE Tissue (DOCX, 3.5 MB)