GIH research team photo

The GIH research team of scientists provide expertise in both traditional "wet" laboratory techniques and "dry" bioinformatic analysis methods for genomic research in a range of organisms. It is this collective experience that places GIH in an optimal position to develop innovative genomic capabilities at UQ.

Key areas of experience within the team include:

  • Single-cell sequencing and library preparation
  • Long read sequencing 
  • Protein engineering and purification
  • Genome editing and manipulation
  • Spatial transcriptomics and advanced imaging
  • Bioinformatic assembly of complex genomes
  • Transcriptomics
  • High throughput genetic screening platforms
  • Computational tool development for analysis of genomic and transcriptomic data
  • DNA and RNA extraction from difficult sources
  • Microfluidic partitioning and barcoding for single-cell analysis


Find out more about each team members skills and project experience below.

  • Dr Di Xia

    Dr Di Xia

    Research Specialist - Genome Engineering
    Genome Innovation Hub
  • Dr Subash Rai

    Dr Subash Rai

    Research Specialist - Long Read Sequencing
    Genome Innovation Hub
  • Dr Sohye Yoon

    Dr Sohye Yoon

    Research Specialist - Genomics
    Genome innovation Hub
  • Dr Jun Ma

    Dr Jun Ma

    Research Specialist - Biochemistry
    Genome Innovation Hub
  • Valentine Murigneux

    Valentine Murigneux

    Computational biologist
    Genome Innovation Hub
    QCIF Facility for Advanced Bioinformatics
  • Shivangi Wani

    Shivangi Wani

    Research Specialist - Genomics
    Genome innovation Hub
    Senior Research Assistant
    UQ Sequencing Facility
  • Dean Basic

    Computational biologist
    Genome Innovation Hub
  • Rafael Tubelleza

    Rafael Tubelleza

    Computational Biologist
    Genome Innovation Hub