This event will highlight the cutting edge genomics capabilities we have here at UQ, developed with the support of the Genome Innovation Hub.

The format of the talks will be 15 minutes with no question time; we certainly encourage questions but ask you to reserve these until the networking sessions during the breaks to allow a more productive style of back-and-forth discussion.

Session 1:

9:30       Welcome and introduction to GIH

                Dr Allan McRae (GIH)

9:45       Guidelines for long read sequencing and sample preparation

                Dr Subash Rai (GIH)

10:00    Genome-wide CRISPR screening

                Dr Rebecca San Gil (QBI)

10:15    Pore-C for exploring multi-way chromatin contacts

                Dr Loan Nguyen (QAAFI)

10:30    Integration of spatial multi-omics data

                Xiao Tan (IMB)    

10:45    SMRT-Cappable-seq for analysis of operon expression

                Valentine Murigneux (GIH)


11:00 – 11:45  Morning tea and networking*


Session 2:

11:45    Enrichment and analysis of functional siRNA

                Dr Chris Brosnan (QAAFI)

12:00    Analysis of replication stress with ultra-long sequencing reads

                Dr Mathew Jones (SCMB / Frazer Institute)

12:15    Nanopore-DamID

                Yohaann Jafrani (AIBN)

12:30    Dual single cell sequencing of bacterial reporters

                Dr Jessica von Pein (Research Office)

12:45    Closing remarks

                Stacey Andersen (GIH)


1:00 – 2:00      Lunch and Networking*


2:00                 Close

* This event is designed to encourage knowledge transfer and connections. We invite you to meet and discuss your work with the speakers, GIH team and your fellow attendees during the breaks.

If you have questions but don’t get a chance to talk to one of the speakers on the day, please feel free to contact them using the email address in the talk schedule above. They will be happy to discuss their work and methodology with you in more detail.

Also please feel free to get in contact with any of the GIH team at any time!


Director – Prof Grant Montgomery

Deputy Director – Dr Allan McRae

Operations Manager – Stacey Andersen


Research Specialists:


Dr Max Ma -

Protein engineering, mass spectrometry, lentivirus production

Dr Subash Rai –

Method development for DNA and RNA sample preparation, Oxford Nanopore sequencing technologies, DNA- and RNA-seq data analysis

Shivangi Wani –

miRNA and total RNA next generation sequencing, high throughput screening / perturbation studies, single cell sequencing

Dr Di Xia –

CRISPR and genome editing, genetic engineering in cells and animals, molecular biology

Dr Sohye Yoon –

Short read sequencing, microscopic imaging analysis, spatial genomics technologies


Computational Biologists:


Dean Basic –

Analysis of long-read RNA sequencing data, non-coding RNA annotation, computational gene finding

Valentine Murigneux –

Analysis of next-generation sequencing data, analysis of long-read sequencing data (Oxford Nanopore Technology, Pacific Biosciences), development of bioinformatics workflows


Thanks very much for your interest in attending the Genome Innovation Hub Showcase – we look forward to working with you in the future to further your research!