Elizabeth studied a Bachelor of Animal and Veterinary Bioscience at La Trobe University. Following an honours year examining the link between MHCII genes and parasite burden in marsupials she began a PhD based at the Victorian Department of Primary Industries. Her PhD covered the metagenomic analysis of the dairy cattle rumen microbiome, including the prediction of quantitative traits from whole microbiome shotgun sequence data, virome assembly and sample comparisons. After a one year Postdoc at the University of Melbourne on the chickpea transcriptome, she took a two year break from academia before moving to The University of Queensland where she begun working with long read sequence data. Here at UQ she has assembled a platinum quality cattle genome using PacBio sequence data, as well as begun the voyage into Isoseq – the use of PacBio sequence data to identify full length transcripts. She coordinates the short read sequencing of hundreds of animals on the Illumina platform, and supervises Oxford Nanopore projects. She also leads the UQ long read sequencing group (https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/qgti).

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  • Doctor of Philosophy, La Trobe University
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Genome-Phaser: protocol for fully phasing whole genome variants using haplotagging
Genome Innovation Hub Collaborative Project (UQ infrastructure)