• miRNA and total RNA next generation sequencing
  • High throughput screening / perturbation studies
  • Single cell sequencing


Researcher biography

Shivangi completed her Masters in Biotechnology with Honours at Griffith University, Brisbane Australia, in 2003. On completion of her Masters degree she then returned to India for 2 years and worked at Triesta Sciences, a start-up CRO, involved in the field of biomarker validation in the field of Molecular oncology.

In 2006 she began work at University of Queensland in Sean Grimond’s’ laboratory, working predominantly in the field of cancer research, working towards the identification and characterization of miRNAs and the role they play in cell cycle control and cancer development. Through this work she was involved in the development of methodologies to profile direct mRNA - micoRNA interactions. The Grimmond Laboratory expanded to become the Queensland Centre for Medical Genomics where she then gained extensive experience in next generation sequencing technologies.

In 2013 she began work at QIMR at the Genomic Biology Laboratory, where the focus of research was the identification of micro RNAs as biomarkers of chemosensitivity. To enable this, she optimized and set up numerous high content, high throughput drug perturbation assays.

In 2017 she moved back to UQ to join the Human Studies Laboratory at the Program in Complex Trait Genomics. Here she helped set up the laboratory and establish the labs SOPs. She contributed towards the labs genotyping, next generation sequencing and cell biology projects.

Shivangi joined the Genome Innovation Hub in August of 2022 and hopes to use her broad skill base, gathered through 18 years of experience, to help other UQ researchers develop innovative methodologies to help them further their genomic research.

Featured projects Duration
Discovery of new regulatory networks with long-read transcriptomics
Genome Innovation Hub Collaborative Project (UQ infrastructure)
Understanding host-pathogen interactions through development of new co-transcriptomic single cell RNA sequencing technologies
Genome Innovation Hub Collaborative Project (UQ infrastructure)
Expanding the scope of multimodal single cell sequencing
Genome Innovation Hub Collaborative Project (UQ infrastructure)
Enrichment and analysis of siRNAs for topical RNAi applications.
Genome Innovation Hub Collaborative Project (UQ infrastructure)