• Single cell -omics
  • Computational tool development
  • Biological network analysis and simulation

Researcher biography

Rafael completed a BSc in Biomedical Science at the University of Queensland in 2021. During his undergraduate, he worked on efforts to develop a new experimental apparatus which provided a pseudo-virtual reality to head-fixed zebrafish, with the goal of studying the effect of visual feedback on behavioural states. In 2023, he graduated with a Master of Bioinformatics at the University of Queensland. During his Masters, he performed a diverse set of genomic and transcriptomic analyses in microbial, animal, and human systems. During this time, he also joined a lab at the Queensland Brain Institute, where he developed and applied a computational toolbox for processing, analysing and simulating connectomics data with the goal of unravelling rhythm-generating networks in the fruit fly. His current interests are in applying novel computational techniques and frameworks to interpret biological data through new perspectives.

Featured projects Duration
Developing a next generation single-cell transcriptomic tool
Genome Innovation Hub Collaborative Project (UQ infrastructure)