AGRF-UQ PacBio Service Webinar

15 Mar 2021

Thanks to AGRF's new "live & On Demand" webinar series, you can find out more about the AGRF-UQ PacBio Sequel II service by watching the now on-demand webinar featuring talks by our GIH collaborator, Dr CX Chan, the UQ IMB sequencing Facility Manager, Angelika Christ, as well as representatives from UQ Research Infrastructure, AGRF and PacBio. 

Transcript from AGRF Youtube:

On behalf of AGRF and UQ, many thanks to our speakers (below) and our panelists, as well as to PacBio and Millennium Science for their support.

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11:00​am: ‘Welcome’ from Dr David Hawkes, PacBio Service Manager AGRF

11:05​am: ‘Are Dinoflagellate Genomes the Final Frontier?’ by Dr CX Chan, Senior Research Fellow, Australian Centre for Ecogenomics, University of Queensland

11:30​am: ‘Working with the AGRF-UQ PacBio Service Team’ by David Hawkes, AGRF

11:40​pm: ‘An overview of the IMB Sequencing Facility’ by Angelika Christ, Facility Manager of the IMB Sequencing Facility, University of Queensland

11:50​pm: ‘Applications of Long and Accurate Hi-Fi Sequencing with PacBio Sequel II’ by Dr Khi Pin, Scientist, Field Applications Support, Bioinformatics, PacBio Asia Pacific

12:15​pm: ‘UQ Central Research Platforms Supporting Research and Industry’ by Ana Vuckovic, Business Development Officer – Research Infrastructure, University of Queensland

12:20​pm: Panel Discussion 1:00​pm: Close