Webinar: Launching the new Apollo Service: collaborative genome annotation for Australian researchers

29 Sep 2021

Genome annotation is crucial to defining the function of genomic sequences. Apollo is a popular tool for facilitating real-time collaborative curation and genome annotation editing. The technical obstacles faced by Australian researchers wanting to access and maintain this software have now been solved. 

The new Apollo Service can host your genome assembly and supporting evidence files, taking care of all the system administration so you and your team can focus on the annotation curation itself. The Australian BioCommons and partners at QCIF and Pawsey are now offering the Apollo Service free to use for Australian-based research groups and research consortia.

As part of this launch, you’ll hear what’s possible from some of the early adopters including Prof Sandie Degnan and Prof Bernard Degnan, who have utilised the Apollo platform to provide the framework for their muti-omic browser in the GIH collaboratative project "Developing a scalable genome browser and repository for complex multi-omic datasets"

Follow the link below to the AustralinBiocommons website for more details of this great event which was held on Wednesday, 29 September 2021:12:00 pm -1:00 pm.