Brooke's experience in genetic manipulation and expression analysis spans nearly 20 years. Having worked in multiple research areas within both academia and industry,  she brings both decades of management experience and a broad range of scientific knowledge. This positions her well to manage the diverse range of collaborative projects that GIH is involved in.

Researcher biography

Brooke completed a Bachelor of Science (BSc) at Melbourne University with honours at CSIRO and the Department of Medicine, followed by a PhD in Pharmacology at the Howard Florey Institute. In 2004 she moved to Brisbane to undertake a post doctoral position at the Institute for Molecular Biosciences where she was eventually recruited as the Biology Research Manager for the start-up Biotechnology company Mimetica. Following the successful development of a lead compound into clinical trials at Mimetica, Brooke moved back into academia in 2008 as a Research Fellow at the School of Biomedical Sciences, where she managed a research laboratory for nearly a decade. In 2017, she was appointed as the Co-ordinator for the Imaging and Analytical Core Research Facility at the School of Biomedical Sciences. Brooke joined the Genome Innovation Hub in 2019 as the Operations Manager.

Featured projects Duration
Spatial genomics technologies to study cancer and genetic diseases in tissue contexts
Genome Innovation Hub Collaborative Project (UQ infrastructure)
Developing a scalable genome browser and repository for complex multi-omic datasets.
Genome Innovation Hub Collaborative Project (UQ infrastructure)

Areas of research