Full Project Title

Developing full-length spatial transcriptomics in a novel mouse model of endometriosis

Project Summary

Long-read transcriptomics with spatial resolution is a new and exciting technology that is currently being developed worldwide but is not yet easily accessible at UQ. This new technique brings additional isoform information to spatial data, allowing deeper investigation of complex biology.

This project will optimise long-read library preparation and sequencing of spatially resolved transcripts, and integration with short-read spatial transcriptomics protocols. This will facilitate the incorporation of Oxford Nanopore sequencing into the standard Visium workflow.

Potential Outcomes

Overall, this project will deliver the capability to analyse spatially-resolved, full-length transcripts by combining 10x Genomics spatial transcriptomics and Oxford Nanopore long-read sequencing workflows. Protocols will be developed and shared for both wet-lab and analysis components, with the potential for the development of a service delivery pipeline across multiple groups and facilities at UQ. This significant and novel outcome will be made available to the UQ scientific community to be used by researchers across many fields of study.

Project members

Research collaborators


Dr Emanuele Pelosi

Senior Research Fellow - Group Leader
UQ Centre for Clinical Research, Faculty of Medicine

Genome Innovation Hub

Dean Basic

Computational biologist
Genome Innovation Hub
Dr Subash Rai

Dr Subash Rai

Research Specialist - Long Read Sequencing
Genome Innovation Hub