Pre-print: Single-molecule simultaneous profiling of DNA methylation and DNA-protein interactions with Nanopore-DamID

11 Aug 2021

Seth W Cheetham, Yohaann M.A Jafrani, Stacey B Andersen, Natasha Jansz, Adam D Ewing, Geoffrey J Faulkner

bioRxiv 2021.08.09.455753; doi:


DNA-protein interactions and cytosine methylation control eukaryotic gene expression. Here, we present an approach to simultaneously detect cytosine methylation and DNA-protein interactions from single molecules, through selective sequencing of adenine-labelled DNA. Applying this approach to LaminB1-associated heterochromatin domains, we identify strict CpG methylation maintenance at transcriptional start sites amid a generalised relaxation of methylation, potentially to prevent ectopic aberrant heterochromatic gene expression.

GIH contribution

Stacey Andersen
Stacey Andersen

As one of the sucessful outcomes from the GIH funded collaborative project Simultaneous identification of RNA-chromatin interactions and transcriptomes in single cells, contributing author and team member of both GIH and the UQ Sequencing Facilty, Stacey Andersen, performed sequencing on the NextSeq of the Illumina libraries and reviewed the manuscript.