2022 External Project call now closed

27 Nov 2021

Genome Innovation Hub - External Project call now closed

The Genome Innovation Hub (GIH) is a University of Queensland initiative that aims to develop innovative approaches to advance technologies in structural and functional analysis of genomes. The GIH operates as a collaborative research centre, focussed on designing and implementing cutting-edge methodologies in the areas of health, agriculture and the environment.

GIH runs a yearly project call, where it seeks to engage in collaborative projects in partnership with research groups across UQ. Opening of project calls are announced on the GIH Website, GIH Twitter, GIH Newsletters and broadly advertised across UQ media platforms.

Successful project innovations will be made broadly available for uptake, either through UQ central research services or research groups willing to collaborate and/or train research staff in these newly developed approaches. 

About the opportunity 

Applications from UQ research groups who are interested in collaborating on projects to develop cutting-edge technology breakthroughs must be submitted through the annual GIH External Project call.  For successful applications, collaborating research groups will work closely with GIH in the design and development of projects, with both groups actively contributing to projects (including co-investment in funding and personnel expertise).

To find out more about previous recipients of GIH Collaborative Projects and their research, see our collaborative projects page here.

Project application and assessment 

Applications for 2022 GIH External Projects are now closed

To all applicants for an External Project with the Genome Innovation Hub (GIH) at The University of Queensland we appreciate the time you have taken to prepare your application and thank you for your interest in collaborating with The Genome Innovation Hub team.

The selection process for 2022 Projects has commenced and we expect to inform applicants of their success (or otherwise) in the shortlisting by the end of December 2021.

Interviews with shortlisted applicants will begin in January 2022.

The announcement of all successful 2022 collaborative projects will occur in February 2022.


Dr Brooke Purdue 
Operations Manager, Genome Innovation Hub 
Tel: +61 7 3346 2607
Email: b.purdue@uq.edu.au  

Professor Grant Montgomery 
Director, Genome Innovation Hub 
Tel: +61 7 3346 2612
Email: g.montgomery1@uq.edu.au