About the Genome Innovation Hub

The Genome Innovation Hub (GIH) is a University of Queensland initiative and part of UQ Research Infrastructure.

Its aim is to develop innovative approaches to advance technologies in structural and functional analysis of genomes at the University of Queensland (UQ).

GIH acts as a collaborative research centre, providing support for all UQ researchers to gain access to genomics expertise and enhance its core capabilities. GIH works directly with UQ clinicians and scientists on projects of novel and promising methodologies which are focussed on the key areas of health, agriculture and the environment.  

Once  implemented  by  GIH, these technologies (methods, protocols, software, expertise, etc.) will be made available through UQ Research Infrastructure Services, other UQ Service Providers, or through research groups willing to collaborate and/or train research staff in the newly developed approaches.

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January 2019
Genome Innovation Hub Collaborative Project (UQ infrastructure)

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Dr. Brooke Purdue, Operations Manager

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