Publication: Comparison of long read methods

21 Dec 2020

Comparison of long-read methods for sequencing and assembly of a plant genome 

Valentine MurigneuxSubash Kumar RaiAgnelo FurtadoTimothy J C BruxnerWei TianIvon HarliwongHanmin WeiBicheng YangQianyu YeEllis AndersonQing MaoRadoje DrmanacOu WangBrock A PetersMengyang XuPei WuBruce ToppLachlan J M CoinRobert J Henry

GigaScience, Volume 9, Issue 12, December 2020, giaa146,


About the publication

Benchmarking methods for sequencing complex genomes: how to select the most cost-effective sequencing technology as well as the most appropriate software for assembly and polishing.

In a worlds first, the Genome Innovation Hub and colleagues completed the de novo assembly of the genome of the Australiian wild Macadamia, Macadamia jansenii. By benchmarking different methods for long read sequencing, this preprint publication on BioRxiv is a useful, up-to-date comparison of costs and software options for assembly and polishing.